Feeling genius

Genius is the ability to put into effect what is in your mind.  There is no other definition of it.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

On Wednesday March 8th ( five days ago), if you’d asked me,  I would have said I needed to get a friend to help me set up my website.  It’s what I’d been saying for months.
Having gathered all the content I wanted to post, I didn’t think I was capable of implementing this thing on my own. Two days later, I just did it.
It helped that on Thursday, Gregory Bruyer at Clever Starfish set up the URL, hosting and WordPress account with a few keyboard clicks while we were meeting on something else (my BIG idea… watch this space), but I suddenly had the skeleton I needed to make this thing happen. No excuses.

Feeling genius. Ladybird among cornflowers
Inspired by nature. A ladybird among the cornflowers at Perth’s Urban Orchard

So on Friday, armed with my content and a WordPress tutorial lasting less than 20 minutes, I did the thing I’d been procrastinating on for TOO long.
By 5pm I had something I could share with my social networks and something I could obsess about for another week, trying to perfect my SEO ( search engine optimisation for any other dummies like me).

The real surprise was the personal satisfaction from gaining so many new skills in one day and delivering myself something essential to my ongoing work life. It’s inspired me to see what incredible feats I can manage on a weekly basis ( OK, I’m still on a high…) but in truth I still feel like a genius!

NOTE:  If you want to know more about the hosting and URL side of things email me, hello@merifatin.com