Just start

Starting. I KNOW this feeling so well.

At the end of 2015 when Three Gates Media was a twinkle in it’s mothers’ eyes, the hardest part was getting started.

It wasn’t that I was unfamiliar with how to plan, record and edit an interview for podcast. It was that no-one on the planet cared if I did or did not deliver. Other than me.

I face this again now with an idea I’ve been brewing for FAR too long, because I keep finding excuses to delay.

Let me introduce you to my procrastination voice:

“What should I CALL it?”

“How should I pitch it?”

“I’m not an expert in the health realm, I’m just a person, I have no cred.”

“I have to deal with other things in my life”

“But how do I make a living from this thing?” Best not start.

Be Consistent

Maybe its because I know that consistency is the magic ingredient to progress (and that best selling author Seth Godin has written a daily blog for many years) But here I am. Starting.

My idea is conversations and “panel discussions” with a broad scope of health, wellbeing, endeavour and mastery. These words ignite so much interest for me, but I’ve worried about how to set the tone, how the start should be.

Reminder from Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do.

Now I’m just going to start. I’ve approached two people this weekend and have a heap more on an immediate list. People who are either experts in their field, who are putting in the hard yards to achieve a goal or who have attained mastery in an aspect of their lives.

Some of these conversations will happen in the field and some in studio. Some will be with known names, authors and public figures, some will be with people you‘ve never heard of in your life. Let me know if there’s someone you’d love to hear from – it’s a project I want to be working on for years to come.

AND in unrelated news tonight I introduced my nearly nine year old daughter to the theme from Chariots of Fire by Vangelis. I’m going to sing it to myself tomorrow morning during the group run in Kings Park. Set the tone for the day y’know.