I did it

I did it!  I started my new podcast!

I was nervous this morning though.  That whole thing about “getting started” was actually happening.  The mental block got easier when I realised I didn’t have to start at the beginning.  So instead, I’ve recorded a conversation that will become part of the first flush of my new podcast series about health, wellbeing, endeavour and self-mastery. But won’t be the first released.  Too easy!

So what is this podcast about?

These conversations will be driven by my intense curiosity about how the mind controls the body, how it controls achievement, how it controls our management of adversity, our optimism and our acquisition of knowledge. The way attitude affects outcomes is a personal pre-occupation.  The defining words that underpin all these podcast conversations are health, wellbeing, endeavour and self-mastery.

It’s weird.  Although I danced, played netball and tennis during my childhood, I never thought of myself as a sporty or athletic person. I would “wag” physical education as often as possible and trudge home early lugging my massive schoolbag up and down the Lesmurdie hills.

When I discovered Pilates, about seventeen years ago, I was hooked by the mind-body connection.  There are many quotes from Joseph Pilates that talk about the mind-body connection, probably best known is this one:

mind shapes body
It is the mind itself which shapes the body

The Pilates method was so appealing to me, I even gained my Cert IV in Pilates instruction in 2004 – a qualification I’ve never really used except to better my own daily practice. The real cognitive leap came in late 2015 when I decided to take myself on and lost a ton of weight and got fitter than I’ve ever been in my life. I realised how much my mind was in control of the outcome and whether or not I would sustain that outcome.

I also got very hungry for information and inspiration.  When I set out to find it, I had to work harder than I expected to curate my own resources.  So I decided to combine my skill and passion to make a podcast.  This podcast taps into the knowledge of practitioners, authors, athletes, academics and everyday people exploring their own potential. Let me know if there’s someone you think I should chat with.