interviewer and facilitator
Meri Fatin: facilitator, interviewer, podcaster

Ask good questions and let people talk. Simple, but that’s my signature.

I’m an experienced interviewer, facilitator and podcaster specialising in finding the deeper story.  I develop rapport through solid research and preparation. Whether it’s a one on one interview, a panel discussion or MC work, before the event I invest considerable preparation time. My aim is to elicit a fresh experience for both interviewees and audience alike.

Possibly the best acknowledgement of my method was from reclusive poet John Kinsella in 2015.  After I thanked him for a lengthy interview, he responded “I tell you what, I’m surprised I did it.  I wasn’t going to, but …I looked at some of the other stuff you’d been doing and I thought that this is a way of telling a life where I’m not going to be judged.  At least not during the conversation…I feel that I’ve been given a go to speak my mind under my own conditions. So thank you for that.”

Formerly a producer of news and current affairs radio at ABC Perth, my clients have included the Perth Writers Festival,  Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Department of Health, PICA and the Disrupted Festival of Ideas.

My Rare Air podcast features one-on-one long form interviews revealing remarkable stories of self mastery, strong principles and transcendence of great challenges. The podcast and my live interviewing work has given me the chance to talk to some incredible people including author Margaret Atwood, journalists Leigh Sales and Stan Grant, and robotic limb expert Professor Munjed al Muderis.

I was senior producer for the Perth International Arts Festival’s collaboration with London’s Empathy Museum, called A Mile in My Shoes.

My skills go beyond broadcast though. They find the unique stories within your business and convey them with authenticity to your clients and customers.  They workshop better relationships in your team using empathic conversation.

Through PICA’s Spark_Lab program,  I spent time with students from Warnbro Community High School as they developed their media skills.  I can work with your school or business to do the same, and as an experienced podcaster I can help bring your podcast ideas to life too.