A list of the products and services I can provide to your event or business.
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Audio/video recorded for distribution/broadcast

One of Meri Fatin's services. MC at the International Women's Day WA Hall of Fame 2017
MC at the International Women’s Day WA Hall of Fame 2017

I have ten years experience in one on one interviews before an audience as well as two years recording the monthly interview  for writingWA’s Cover to Cover on Westlink TV. I always spend time speaking with the talent before the day which gives me a strong idea of how an interesting conversation can be shaped for the audience.

My product and service list contains one on one interviews like this one with Yassmin Abdel-Magied
With author, activist, engineer and F1 enthusiast Yassmin Abdel-Magied for writingWA’s Cover to Cover








Preparing for panel discussions takes meticulous background research and preparation and it is something I really enjoy. Pictured below, the Department of Culture and the Arts Creative Industries Forum for Chinese New Year which focussed on the experience of artistic exchange between WA and China.  I chaired three hour-long panel discussions that afternoon after having spent time speaking to each panellist individually in the lead up to the event.

Meri Fatin can provide products and services including chairing panel discussions like this one for the Department of Culture and the Arts
Chairing panel discussion for the Department of Culture and the Arts’ Creative Industries Forum, February 2017









If you’re looking to populate your website with written and recorded content then I can help.

Whether it’s interviews with key management and staff (transcripts extra);
articles about your business or people or
voicing/presenting training videos.

I can also help you set up, record and edit podcasts. For flawless mastering of the finished product I recommend Adrian Sardi, who has mastered all my podcasts to perfection.
Adrian has a fabulous studio called Sugarland in Inglewood, and you can contact him on 0417 473 940


More recently I’ve been taking interview techniques into workplaces.  Not for recruitment purposes but for developing deeper and better understanding with colleagues.  I can tailor sessions to your workplace that will begin rewarding conversations you might never have thought possible in that part of your life.

If all you need is some guidance in the right direction I can train your staff or students in audio recording, interviewing and podcasting.