Want my help?

One on one coaching for your own interviewing and public speaking development is available. If you’re developing ideas for an event or internal workshop, I’d love to be part of the curation process.

As founder of WA Climate Leaders, I predominantly focus on climate and environmental conversations now.

This means I won’t work with any event taking sponsorship from a fossil fuel company.

I’m based in Perth, Western Australia but can work anywhere.


As an MC and facilitator I’m listed with Saxton, Great Expectation and BBC Entertainment.

You can also find me and the Rare Air podcast via the outlet I co-founded with Marnie Richardson in 2014 Three Gates Media.

Meri chairing panel discussion at DCA's Creative Industries Forum February 2017. Contact her for more information.
Meri chairing panel discussion at DCA’s Creative Industries Forum February 2017

In the meantime, check out my Rare Air podcast series, read some client testimonials or just watch cat videos. Hope to hear from you soon.