Canadian author Margaret Atwood

Meeting Margaret Atwood

Preparing to sit down with Margaret Atwood, one of the most famous authors in the Western world, I was only a little daunted when I read her view on such events : “I don’t mind being ‘interviewed’ any more than I mind Viennese waltzing, that is, my response will depend on the agility and grace and attitude and intelligence of the other person. Some do it well, some clumsily, some step on your toes by accident, and some aim for them.”

Professor Nadia Rosenthal

Regenerative medicine on scientific frontier

“We can’t reverse time, and time has an effect on any biological organism. The question is how do you respond to the ravages of time. As we talk about these organisms that seem to get through their lives to a grand old age and somehow manage to resist all of the normal degenerative effects of running your engine for many years, it occurs to me that we will be able to be healthier for longer and in some ways, that’s what we all want. That’s really the promise of regenerative medicine.”

Joe Williams

Fighting the good fight

Former NRL player and professional boxer, Wiradjuri man Joe Williams, uses the stories of his struggle with mental health and identity to help others who don’t know where to turn.

Ultra runner Lisa Tamati

Ultrarunner with a big heart

In this conversation, Rare Air 27, Lisa talks about her path to ultra running, about courage, leadership, and the deepest sense of living that she’s gained from putting one foot in front of the other.

Meeting Chris Riddell

Meeting Chris Riddell

Meeting Chris Riddell was a great opportunity. It’s not often you are handed a portrait of yourself during an interview! UK Children’s Laureate 2015-17, illustrator of over 100 books and …

Meeting Dr Michael Mosley

Meeting Dr Michael Mosley

Meeting Dr Michael Mosley last week, I was reminded what an important health message he has brought to the public over the last six years. He’s been making scientific and …

An eye for art

Honestly, I know practically nothing useful or intelligent about art.  But when I need help, I defer to this woman. My friend Clothilde Bullen – a truly powerhouse human being. …