An eye for art

Screen shot of Clothilde’s post on Instagram.

Honestly, I know practically nothing useful or intelligent about art.  But when I need help, I defer to this woman. My friend Clothilde Bullen – a truly powerhouse human being.

While I’m getting my new podcast series up and running, I’m sharing the Rare Air podcast series again. Today’s is with Clothilde.

This was one of the first Rare Air interviews I recorded. When we spoke, Clo had recently left her role as Curator of Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery of WA and was back into study. Part of her vision was then (and still is) to develop many more indigenous curators, redressing a clear paradox in the art world.

Lots has happened since this interview, but significantly, in January 2017,  Clo took up a similar appointment at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Just today, via social media, I saw a pic of an article that has been written about her for the prestigious Art Collector Magazine (above). Her influence, political and cultural nous is beginning to get the recognition it deserves.

Knowing what’s transpired, take half an hour to get to know her.