Canadian author Margaret Atwood

Meeting Margaret Atwood

Preparing to sit down with Margaret Atwood, one of the most famous authors in the Western world, I was only a little daunted when I read her view on such events : “I don’t mind being ‘interviewed’ any more than I mind Viennese waltzing, that is, my response will depend on the agility and grace and attitude and intelligence of the other person. Some do it well, some clumsily, some step on your toes by accident, and some aim for them.”

Rare Air is back

I’m thrilled to announce I got my act together. The Rare Air podcast is back. After a long time planning a new podcast, refining an approach and trying to think …

Meri with Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly has many fans

There wasn’t much notice before my booking to speak with blockbuster novelist Matthew Reilly for Dymocks. I had ten days to get across the body of work he’d amassed since …

Liz Byrski

Fancy a coffee with Liz Byrski?

Next Wednesday July 4th at 9.30am I’ll be in conversation with “the doyenne of women’s literature” Liz Byrski at the Parmelia Hilton, Perth. this will be my third public conversation …

Meeting Chris Riddell

Meeting Chris Riddell

Meeting Chris Riddell was a great opportunity. It’s not often you are handed a portrait of yourself during an interview! UK Children’s Laureate 2015-17, illustrator of over 100 books and …

Meeting Dr Michael Mosley

Meeting Dr Michael Mosley

Meeting Dr Michael Mosley last week, I was reminded what an important health message he has brought to the public over the last six years. He’s been making scientific and …